Healthcare Virtual Assistant Tasks


Inbound Calls

  • General Patient & billing questions
  • General information
  • Appointment requests
  • Call triage, etc.

Outbound Calls

  • Appointment reminders
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Procedures
  • Overdue physical exams
  • Overdue office visits
  • Rescheduling no-shows & cancellations
  • Hospital Discharges
  • Surveys


  • Faxing/Labeling
  • Alerts satisfaction
  • Referrals scheduling/reconciliation
  • Procedure scheduling

Medical Billing

  • Collection calls
  • Note review
  • Billing items reconciliation
  • Clinical compliance for note completion
Other possible tasks including tentative office visits, physical exam scheduling and recall, remote scribing.


Inbound Calls

  • Doctor offices
  • Pharmacy

Outbound calls

  • Labs/Imaging results call back
  • Patient recalls
  • Lab/procedures reminders
  • Calls for pre-visit planning
  • Referral reconciliation
  • Labs reconciliation
  • Imaging/Procedures reconciliation


  • Chart preparation for any kind of future visits
  • Physical exams
  • Pre-surgical exams
  • Routine office visits
  • Patient Specialist updates
  • Social History updates

Other possible tasks including medical history cleanup, vaccination reconciliation, specialist notes requests, consistent patient engagement. All clinical tasks are performed by trained nursing staff. Hire Virtual Assistants from ITS and enjoy
experienced, reliable and professional staff at a fraction of the cost!