Healthcare Virtual Assistants

How can Ideal Tech Staffings’ Healthcare Virtual Assistants benefit me?

Our outsourced staff is highly trained and HIPAA certified. Using our services will result in massive savings, increased productivity for your in-housed staff, and a better work-life balance for your current employees.

What are the tasks that I can be assisted with?

We provide assistance with administrative and clinical tasks such as calling, documenting, and billing, just to name a few.

Please see the “solutions” tab on the top right-hand side for more details!

What kind of system(s) do you use?

Our staff works with all EMR systems.

For Call-Related Services, you would require a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which we can assist you with.

You will be able to monitor your off-site staff by using any form of web-based video conference software.

How much is the service going to cost me?

First, we will examine your existing employee/operational structure and provide recommendations on implementing our staff. Salaries are approximately 30% of equivalent U.S. salaries, resulting in savings of 50-70%.

Is there a contract?

Ideal Tech Staffing offers short-term contracts with a minimum of 6 months.

How do I know my medical records are safe?

Our facilities are essentially an extension of your office. We protect your information with safety measures such as biometrics security and in-person monitoring.