One thing the pandemic has taught companies is that there is no longer a need to restrict employees in the workplace. At first, it was a major adjustment for both companies and workers. Now, many companies have been able to reap the benefits of having transitioned to virtual positions. Ideal Tech Staffing understands that while businesses are considering remote teams, it is a challenge to create a model that will work effectively, as well as finding the right outsourcing company. How do you find workers that will fit into your company culture? How does it work?

Here at Ideal Tech Staffing, our goals are to save your business time and money. Unlike other companies, we find you remote professionals that are HIPAA certified and supervise them so you don’t have to! We provide our clients reliable and innovative outsourcing. Here are a few benefits from using our services:

  •  70% in savings on overhead costs
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Dedicated support staff
  •  More free time

How can you get started? Easy, we have a 3-step process.

  1.  Request a free consultation- tell us your medical staffing needs
  2.  We match you with expert candidates
  3.  Select your virtual assistant and get started!

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We save you time and provide you world-class, full-time virtual assistants at only a fraction of the cost; offering both administrative and clinical help.

Medical Receptionist: Get rid of wait times! Our medical receptionists can assist with patient scheduling, manage medical records, and help check-in patients virtually.

Administrative Assistant: Outsource your admin tasks such as bookkeeping, email and calendar management, and more.

Medical biller: Save time with our billers that will take over insurance calls and contact patients for payment inquiries.

Medical scribe: Transcribe medical visits.

Nurses: Have someone help send over lab referrals, follow-up directions, and review charts to speed up the paperwork process. If you are considering using outsourcing services or have any questions, contact us and we’ll help you out.