With the increase of demand in Healthcare, doctors are now force to see more and more patients and are overwhelmed with impossible schedules. Physician burn outs are on the rise as a result more and more patients are frustrated with the quality of care and having little or no face time at all with their doctors.


The need for more staff to improve healthcare services is a priority for doctors. Increase In number of patients means increase of work load and more administrative duties. This may affect current on-site worker satisfaction and may result to more turnover that leads to poor quality in service. Yet the solution of finding more quality staff would mean investing a little more money.

ideal tech staffing

1. We analyze the needs and will provide you with the best and highly trained Virtual medical assistants. These staff are HIPAA certified thus assuring quality of service and care to the patients. Using our services will not only increase your productivity and patient time but will also result in massive savings of up to 70% per year. In addition, the virtual assistant will provide your current in-house staff a big boost of help and have a better work-life balance.

2. Our virtual medical assistants will help you with your administrative and clinical tasks such as calling, documenting and billing works and many more. Please click here to see our provided solutions.

3. Our staff is trained to work with all kinds of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems. We can assist you with all your Call-Related Services that would require VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). You can monitor your off-site staff by using any form of web-based video conference software.

4. The cost is based by examining your existing employee/operational structure and we will provide you with recommendations on implementing our staff seamlessly. Salaries are approximately 30% of equivalent U.S. salaries, resulting in a big savings of up to 50%-70%.

5. We at Ideal Tech Staffing offers short-term contracts for services like virtual medical assistants.

6. We make it a point that our facilities are essentially an extension of your office. We protect your information with safety measures such as biometrics and in-person monitoring.

We at Ideal Tech Staffing, offer a cost effective and worry-free solutions at these challenges. So, doctors can manage their practices profitably and can focus on their patients as a first priority.